Words With Nerds

Obi Wan tricks troopers with a little fruity hand wavin'
You don’t need to listen to any other podcast. Now…go download it.

So anyway, kessel korner is now a portal for a podcast that kicks ass.

I’m proud to say that, I’m proud to be part of it and I’m indebted to my friend Craig for making it happen. I’d always wondered whether it was fun, and by golly it is.

What Do You Discuss On Words With Nerds?

Pretty much whatever strikes our fancy, really. But our wheelhouse is all things nerd/geek. We love movies and comics, we love television and video games and we love drinking good beer and we love pushing each others’ buttons…as well as others’.

I can also assure you that we’re not taking any PEDs (podcast enhancing drugs), so we’re better than Lance Armstrong, Major League Baseball and the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers by default.

Is It a Family Show?

Yes. We don’t work blue because we don’t need to.

But if our podcast is played in favor of your kids getting outside and playing…there are issues other than language there.

Play it for them when they’re asleep. Let it sink in like Dr. Marvin Monroe’s vocabulary builder.

How Often Do You Post New Episodes?

Bi–weekly right now. And we’re happy with that for the time being. He’s got kids, I’ve got kids, we both have jobs. We do this for the love of the game.

However, if you want to start paying us, please send a note to us on Twitter and work it out so we can do this for a living.

Do You Accept Suggestions?

Sure! If you want to suggest a topic or give us a shout out, please do so. You can comment here on the blog comments section when new episode post notes go up, on the comments section for this page, or by looking up @kesseljunkie or @craigsorrell on Twitter and pestering us.

If you’re nasty, though, we will drop that ban hammer so hard your ancestors will get knocked back above ground.

Will You Ever Charge For The Podcast?

Why would I put such a silly question in this FAQ? Because I know someone out there thought it.

You should feel ashamed.

So get out to iTunes and give a listen.

Check us out on Podbean.

Spread the word!

One thought on “Words With Nerds

  1. First I would like to mention 365tomorrows.com this is a frustrated writters dream come true site where anyone can write a 600 word story which in reality has to be more like 400 words because the software can’t count and believe me after rewritting 600 to 500 then to 400 twice It s better to just 400 it and not worry. All though I have to say I once read a story on the site that was way more then 600 words So there is more then one way to skin a story maybe after I write enough stories I’ll figure out the secret .However all writting software apart. This is a great site the stories are very excellent and they really inspire I find myself on the site reading until the sun comes up more than once! all the different points of view make for some imaginations gone wild! The only problem I have is the ability to comment on the site again the software is older and maybe its just me but I cannot even just says “Hey that was a great idea for a robot”Or a space ship” One cool thing about it is there are not that many star trek fact refences! Instead one can get the mind set of a alien robots deep feelings for his five wife’s and their attitude on bigamy and the cost on the organic silicone minds healthy growth specially on the youngest for he may be a little spoiled! The father’s Last comment was “Hey real life is important early it gives him more time to work it out!” You agotta love it !

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