Flashback Blog: Training For the Marathon – Side Effect Log

Flashback Blog: Training For the Marathon – Side Effect Log

Originally published on the original kessel korner at blogs.starwars.com/kesseljunkie on October 12, 2005

R2 and 3P0
I used this to convey the strange runner’s euphoria. Also, to convey that Star Wars is maybe taken a little too seriously nowadays by its fans. (Copyright Lucasfilm, whatever the Hell year Droids was actually on the air.)

Black toenails.

Add that to the list of side effects from training for the marathon. I am in the process of shedding three toenails, two of which turned black(er) on the 24-mile training run. Disgusting.

They say not to worry, but I’m pretty weirded out how I can watch this whole process in slow motion, and have to be very careful about putting socks on, lest I yank the toenails off before they are ready to fall.

My feet were already pretty ugly. I have “monkey toe”, which means my toes can actually act as fingers. I have used my toes to pick up pencils, write (not terribly legibly, but you could tell it was a language), move shoes, turn on light switches.

I’m part ape.

And now my wonderfully prehensile toes are suffering. Eek.

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