Flashback Blog: Be at One with the Force

October 28, 2005

Yoda meditates, Organa Interrupts
I used this image for the original blog. Still, I think it’s rude of Bail Organa to barge in on Yoda in the bathroom. Organus Interruptus. (Copyright Lucasfilm 2005, including the totally-useful Qui-Gon voiceover they abandoned.)

Well, here we are. Two nights to go. The Marathon is upon us on Sunday.

It’s a weird bit of butterflies I feel, half excitement, half terror. I have absolutely no doubt we can, and will finish. I have no doubt that all who run with us will finish strong.

Training for the marathon I learned that I could live beyond myself and destroy my limitations. I fear no limits once this particular goal is achieved.

I have lost more than thirty pounds (!). I am in strong cardiovascular shape (even if I have to get back to martial arts training so that I can use it to my advantage). I am the new Lizard King.

Eye of the Tiger, baby. Eye of the Tiger. I can’t wait to write about the experience.

But now I seek out that little bit of peace and calm. That inner core wherein I will find that one word that focuses me and makes me strong.

Be calm. Be at peace. Be Yoda.

Now, to rest. A day to spend, watching movies I must.

Hmmm…now, whatever watch will I?

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