Flashback Blog: Almost There….

Flashback Blog: Almost There….

Originally published at the original kessel korner at blogs.starwars.com/kesseljunkie on October 22, 2005

Grievous Speaks to Sidious
I used this image back then because it showed a pensive anticipation. Also, I totally dug the character of Grievous from the beginning. (Copyright Lucasfilm, 2005, including the concept of the computer itself, which Lucas gave to the world via time-travel and telepathy.)

One week more until the marathon!

Stacey and I ran our 8-mile training run (remember, tapering) a day early, on Friday. I’m really proud of my wife for everything she has done to this point, and I know she is going to do really, really well when we go for the 26.2!

We ran a day early because she has been at a business meeting for the last two days. She’s running the board meeting, and I prefer running with her to running with the rest of the group without her. I ran without her on the 16-miler and it just was not as much fun. I mean, the people in the group are great, but she’s the apple of my eye.

We rolled out of bed early for a Friday, and hit the pavement at about 6:30. Since we were going eight miles, we made the call (though I did object a tiny bit) to run through the…ahem…tougher street that is near our house so that we could join up with the local run/bike trail.

You want to know something that I kinda suspected? Degenerates hang out on dark street corners regardless of time of day. It’s like they’ve worked out some sort of 24-hour watch schedule so that average people have to be on guard all the time. Come on, guys, give us a break!

We ran past a guy muttering something which was unintelligibly vulgar, and by the time we reached the hill Stacey realized she had forgotten her ankle brace. Her leg began to hurt,so we turned for home. By the time we got up the hill, and closer to home, guess what?

The obscenity-mutterer had gotten a friend, and the corners were littered with people looking to make money. Some of them in hopes of actually doing work, others looking as if they…um…yeah.

Thankfully, Stacey agreed with my decision to go a different route when we went back out after she got her brace. The rest of the run was without incident, lit better and actually a touch easier on the legs.

The only down side was we got to run amid Rush-Hour traffic on the busy road on which we live. People drive like rats on crack. Seriously, we should make it mandatory to take refresher courses to retain a license.

The toenail on my right foot is still holding on. It’s getting snagged on pants now as I put them on. But it just…won’t…drop. I’d tear it off for sure if every time I got it snagged, the living nerves to which it is attached didn’t scream out, “Hey! You Like Pain!”

The gnarly brownish-greyish-reddish callous seems to be turning into some form of armor. Fairly certain I could use it to deflect a lightsaber. Cool.

And the last reason to be glad we ran a day early? The weather today (Saturday) has been absolutely terrible. Rainy, cold, dreary. We proved we could run in rain already, no desire to do so again unless it rains for the marathon, where we have no choice.

So I got to play my copy of Star Wars Risk: Clone Wars Edition. I was the Republic armies and I laid waste to my friend Mike, who played the Separatists. I mean, in a “that’s not nice, you’re absolutely owning me like a cheap baseball card” sort of way. He didn’t even have a shot at Order 66.

But what do you expect? I’ve spent my life preparing for the Clone War. Of course I should win.

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