Flashback Blog: 11:45 p.m. and I Can’t Sleep

Flashback Blog: 11:45 p.m. and I Can’t Sleep

Originally published on the original kessel korner at blogs.starwars.com/kesseljunkie on October 29, 2005.

Anakin on the Council
I used this image on the original blog to convey impatience and unrest. (Copyright Lucasfilm, 2005, including the fabric for the robe that Lucas hand-wove from the wool of a now-extinct species.)

Okay, I will go to bed soon, and I do gain that extra hour tonight.

But the marathon is in the morning and I am wired. It’s driving me crazy! In 7 hours I will meet my group (okay, eight after “falling back” from DST) – and we begin our 26.2 mile journey.


Stacey, myself and my mother in law passed the day uneventfully. I did go for a walk with my mother in law (wasn’t supposed to, but hey, I didn’t want to send her out in the cold alone), picked up bagles for tomorrow and rented the Battlefront Game (first time playing, and I must say I am impressed).

I put together my anniversary gift for Stacey. It’s a homemade thing…after all, the first anniversary is supposed to be paper. So it is. For our wedding, I made table cards in Photoshop (I was still using 6.0 a year ago, and weep about how much easier what I did would have been with CS) with us as heroes – or villains – from the Star Wars saga. I took those originals, arranged them in the order they were at the reception, and for the “dance floor” area put in one of our engagement photos. I hope she likes it – I mounted it on posterboard so she can frame it if she wants, or just hang it on the wall.

We all watched Sleepy Hollow, then they turned in for bed. Me? I got more wired. I have been playing BF for two hours and am bouncing off the walls.

I’m tired, but can’t sleep. I have to center myself, but it’s hard. So many expectations of myself tomorrow. Not timing, but just staying positive and finishing strong. Enjoying the scene and accepting the cheers.

As a last-minute add-on, I found a way to affix Lord Vader to the should strap on my camelbak (think of a backpack version of a stillsuit). So at least I know my hero is with me as well as my wife.

Okay, must force sleep now. Here’s hoping for a great run tomorrow!

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