The Marathon Chronicles

These are the collected blogs from the original incarnation of kessel korner when the server was running. Those days are past, but before my memories of one of the biggest personal physical accomplishments of mine are wiped away, I want to make sure they’re preserved somewhere I’ll “always” have them.

Makes me realize, too, I need to publish something out of all the blogs I’ve written. Holy crap, I’ve written a lot since 2005, and I’d be so sad if I lost it forever for some reason. It’d be soul-crushing, actually.

I’ve published the majority of them as pages subjugate to this page, just because it would have been a really annoying thing to have anyone subscribed to the list/Twitter get inundated with New Blog announcements and besides, like the Batman Blogs, this is worth its own section on the site.

So feel free to take a look at all these, because to be honest, I’d started to pine for a return to glory and thought about running another marathon. Then I read these and knew I’d rather just get shot in the leg and recoup from that.

The following are published in reverse order, with the oldest at the bottom and the newest at the top.

Flashback Blogs

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