Darth Vader: Never Meant for Promotion

A lot is made of Darth Vader’s management style by fans of the Star Wars series. Everyone gets a thrill out of his willingness to choke his subordinates into submission and death when they fail him. Nearly everyone who has ever craved the power to do so with impunity has envied this command ability. However, it betrays a fatal flaw in Vader’s character that is oft overlooked.

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Love Song for R2D2

So say what you will. Artoo is a remnant of the passion and humanity that Vader lost and a visible tie to his dead wife and mother of his children. He keeps making sure that evil never wins. In other words, a symbol of Anakin’s love makes sure that the darkness never snuffs out the light.

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Luke n’ Carbonite

Recently, regular blog commenter and occasional influencer Tom (who really deserves a proxy vote at any meeting of the Convocation) asked the question, “Why does Luke need to be frozen in Carbonite?” The stock answer is, so the lil’ scamp won’t cause problems on his way to the Emperor. You have to imagine that a […]

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Flashback Blog: Why I Love Grievous

It’s pretty self-explanatory. However, it’s also fun to look back and see how “prophetic” I was about the greatly expanded role Grievous would enjoy in the not-yet-airing Clone Wars series that’s now de rigueur viewing for any serious fan, and even reclaiming fans who’d turned their back on the franchise. In a nutshell, I love […]

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