Death Star Death Match

I was thinking recently about the Death Star projects in Star Wars and an implication that we’ve all missed through the years. I’ve written about the Death Stars before, including which one was cooler (Death Star II by a mile), how Vader was supposed to be using the Death Star as his tool for Ascendancy […]

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Darth Vader’s Poop

I backed away from the biological questions after being lightly chastised for asking “Does Darth Vader Need to Eat?” I specifically placed the publication of this blog on hold because I care about your feelings and feedback! But really only to a limited extent, because I’d written this out and had every intent of coming […]

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Did Vader Punish General Veers?

Sure, I had a satirical moment with the #BanBigGuy thing, but let’s get back to some Star Wars. That last round of questions from Craig on Words With Nerds really put my brain into overdrive I guess. Today’s blast of cold air (lousy Smarch weather) bent my brain toward The Empire Strikes Back. And this […]

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