A Different Kind of Experience

As I referred to in the recent hit post Blog Wars Trek Stars, I think we’re evolving into a different kind of film experience that doesn’t fit into the model we knew, nor the model we know. We’re in the awkward transition moment of the big–screen experience, especially in the context of media at large. […]

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The Joy of Discovery

Recently I took part in a movie challenge where ideas were exchanged for movies the other person had not seen, partially to test limits (I think) and also to offer interesting alternatives to the other person for their consideration. I was issued the challenge to watch Arthur (the original 1981 version), Great Expectations (the 1998 […]

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The Worst Books I’ve Read

As I’ve discovered, writing lists is difficult by its nature, it’s a flawed process. It’s actually worse to compose an “of all time” list, when you think about it, because you never know when something more apt to fit on the list will appear, and your list is no longer valid. Further, criteria need to […]

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Losing Our Ability To Write

Originally this blog was going to be about a fun exploration of what my friend Tom once called, “your oddly perfect penmanship.” Thanks for the compliment Tom! I am more than a little OCD–you may notice that my lists tend to be structured to work out as Fives, and if they don’t that means I’m […]

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