Tauntauns: Strangely Useless?

Re-listening to the first couple of episodes of The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama recently, I had cause to mull over something that happens in such short order in the film that I never really paid it much mind. Heck, I don’t think anyone else has either.

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Can Droids See Force Ghosts?

Netflix recently unleashed the entire run of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including the sixth and final never-before-seen season, which dominated my weekend watching habits and has doubly reinvigorated my mental pursuit of esoteric Star Wars questions on top of the recent exchanges on Words With Nerds. Often I promise these sorts of blogs will […]

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Princess Leia: Mass Murderess?

In honor of May 4th, I’m going to go with a Star Wars blog. My hope is that some random Star Wars fan will read this and spin themselves up trying to argue it in some way. It is spurred primarily by a recent conversation with a coworker wherein I detailed how Princess Leia only […]

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