The Last Movie

Recently I was asked, what is the last movie you’d request to watch? It’s a riff on the more-traditional “what would be your last meal” sort of question (short answer: Brinner), but it stopped me in my tracks.

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Further Thoughts on The Room

I know it’s been a few days. But every artist needs a breather to come back at it fresh and invigorated! So I was having a conversation with my good friend Shawn via Text and came to a realization about The Room. A whole new dimension to the film unexplored and which may explain the […]

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The Lucius Fox Dilemma

We touched on this in the latest episode of Words With Nerds, but I want to give one of my dilemmas a name and explore it a little further. It’s something of an article, but trust me it’s worth the effort. I’m really trying to work through this issue and see it from all sides. […]

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Breaking Batman

OK, OK, I’m not going to bother taking the opportunity to talk about how excited I am to see The Dark Knight Rises, and potentially over-hype myself, nor how those idiot jerks who love to spoil things have me skittish enough to avoid Twitter like the plague until I get to see the film and […]

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