The Last Movie

Recently I was asked, what is the last movie you’d request to watch? It’s a riff on the more-traditional “what would be your last meal” sort of question (short answer: Brinner), but it stopped me in my tracks.

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My Brother, My Bane

One of the things I enjoy most about The Dark Knight Rises is the parallel track of lives that Batman and Bane lived to get to their respective stations in life. If you’ve spent any time reading this blog, you know that character tracks like that fascinate me. Since Rises functions as a thematic direct […]

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Without a Rope

Well, here we are again. I apologize for another one of my prolonged absences, but I’ve had a few things to sort out both practically and emotionally before I was ready to write again. Since it was the topic of my last post and I’ve thought deeply how much it’s changed my life and general […]

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Box Office Receipts

So why do we care about Box Office receipts? Despite the fact that my generation likes to pretend that it doesn’t, it most certainly does. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t see reports on what movies are making every week. It’s on news sites, it’s on fan sites, there are entire sites dedicated exclusively to comparing […]

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