A kessel korner Imprimatur

Recently more eyes came to this blog, my twitter account (@kesseljunkie) and the bad–ass podcast known as Words With Nerds. Then I realized I’ve been so busy I’ve once more let my blog lapse. It happens. As usual, mea culpa in extremis. But since my last post, I’ve moved, traveled to Colorado to participate in […]

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Doors Week: Introduction

At the gentle prodding of my conscience, my good standing as a fan(atic), my honored title as pre-eminent James Douglas Morrison Scholar and The Clone’s ability to get under my skin with the occasional tweet pretending Oliver Stone’s movie biopic is anything but insane propagandistic 1960s hippie nonsense, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to […]

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It’s Not Arrogance

Sitting down to dinner recently with Korean Cigarette Smoking Moriarty Man (KCSMM), he leveled a rather harsh claim against me that he’s leveled before when we’ve had disagreements. He called me “arrogant.” To put it in context, KCSMM leveled this claim because, after enlisting a complete stranger at another table to try to get me […]

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The Importance of Good Beer

This blog is dedicated to The Clone, for obvious reasons. See, I used to think nothing of drinking beer. It was a means to an end, largely; not necessarily to get drunk or quiet the voices telling me to burn everything, but at the very least it was just something to consume with dinner or […]

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