Contracting the Expanded Universe

On the third episode of Words With Nerds, Craig and I explored the concept of the Expanded Universe (a.k.a. “EU”). For those not initiate, the big nerd debate is whether a series of published franchise stories constitute “canon” occurrences. “Canon” is in this sense a borrowed term from religion, indicating a work outside the primary […]

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What the Hell, Mr. Lucas?

OK, it’s an accepted fact that I see things from George Lucas’ perspective in a lot of ways. He’s smart, I’m smart. He’s shy and hairy, I’m gregarious and bald. It’s like we’re flip sides of the same coin, separated only by the gulf of riches As a result, my thinking tends to line up […]

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Digital Hoarding

Not too long ago, a friend of mine referred to me as a “digital hoarder.” He coined the term as a pejorative to refer to my relatively new tendency not to purchase things. While I’m no hoarder, he meant the term as an ironic twist on the show which highlights the people that gather things […]

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