Prometheus: A Review

I posted a four-word review of this movie on my Facebook page recently, and it garnered quite a response. When making a status update, of course, brevity counts, so I stated simply, “Free warning: Prometheus stinks.” Based on the reaction I got from one friend, and how fervent that reaction was, I wanted to expound […]

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Daddy Issues

As alluded to in yesterday’s Flashback Blog, tonight’s entry is all about Daddy Issues. Specifically, it’s about the Daddy Issues on display in the Star Wars films, a theme that seems to stick with Lucas through the entire series. It only makes sense. According to the biographies I’ve read of Lucas, and the bits of […]

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The Indefensible Act

In my last blog, Understanding Dooku, commenter Hawk brought up a great point about Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side, especially in the context of his eventual redemption. While I discussed it once before in the context of the blog Troubling Immortality, I think that this is a good chance to probe the matter more […]

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