Dear Disney, Please Remake The Black Hole

As Disney®™© continues to delve into their archives for things to regurgitate on the masses, there’s one that cries out for a loving remake. It’s a film that cried out for a longer production timeline and bigger budget at the time, as it was rushed to production to compete in a changing market. I’m neither […]

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How Star Trek V Enhances Star Trek IV

In my endless quest to review Star Trek V: The Final Frontier into a respectable place in the franchise, I realized something. Our introduction to Sybok, Spock’s estranged half-brother long ago banished for eschewing logic to pursue emotional enlightenment, enhances a pivotal moment in its predecessor. In fact, it enhances Spock’s entire arc in Star […]

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Hot Wookiee Love

On the February 20, 2014 episode of Words With Nerds, I posited an ethical question rooted in Star Wars, the answer to which may carry implications for all of sci-fi, really. Is it bestiality to make love to a Wookiee? I suspect the initial response around the table would be an emphatic “no!” While I’m […]

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