How Star Trek V Enhances Star Trek IV

In my endless quest to review Star Trek V: The Final Frontier into a respectable place in the franchise, I realized something. Our introduction to Sybok, Spock’s estranged half-brother long ago banished for eschewing logic to pursue emotional enlightenment, enhances a pivotal moment in its predecessor. In fact, it enhances Spock’s entire arc in Star […]

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A kessel korner Imprimatur

Recently more eyes came to this blog, my twitter account (@kesseljunkie) and the bad–ass podcast known as Words With Nerds. Then I realized I’ve been so busy I’ve once more let my blog lapse. It happens. As usual, mea culpa in extremis. But since my last post, I’ve moved, traveled to Colorado to participate in […]

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More Random Thoughts

Well, it’s back to work, so I wanted to use this time to try to download the thoughts from my brain that usually distract me while I’m at my desk. Many of them occurred to me while away from the house, some of them occurred to me while in the bathroom and a few occurred […]

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Nerdvana just posted: “5 reasons ‘Star Trek V’ isn’t as terrible as you remember”

While cruising The Tweeter yesterday, I came across a link that someone had RT’d, showing that the ice is thawing and that I’m not nuts, I’m avant garde. That’s right, kiddies, pay attention here for what opinions will be the norm not today…but tomorrow. 5 reasons 'Star Trek V' isn't as terrible as you remember […]

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