Another Unanswered Question from Return of the Jedi

I made available again a post that had stayed locked when my blog went active again recently. I hadn’t realized it was locked down still until I referred to it in a conversation with a pal. I think I made a joke in there somewhere but…whatever. The important point is, it’s called Luke Skywalker: Crisis Manager, and […]

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Why I Love the Original Return of the Jedi soundtrack LP so much

This past Christmas, I purchased a vinyl edition of the Return of the Jedi soundtrack for my good friend @TheInsaneRobin. It was partially a gag because he’s super-hipster about his vinyl collection (or as I’ve named them, “less-convenient MP3s”), but the album was carefully selected as a nod to a very important album in my personal history both as a Star Wars fan and a developing human being.

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Can Droids See Force Ghosts?

Netflix recently unleashed the entire run of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including the sixth and final never-before-seen season, which dominated my weekend watching habits and has doubly reinvigorated my mental pursuit of esoteric Star Wars questions on top of the recent exchanges on Words With Nerds. Often I promise these sorts of blogs will […]

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Hot Wookiee Love

On the February 20, 2014 episode of Words With Nerds, I posited an ethical question rooted in Star Wars, the answer to which may carry implications for all of sci-fi, really. Is it bestiality to make love to a Wookiee? I suspect the initial response around the table would be an emphatic “no!” While I’m […]

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Luke n’ Carbonite

Recently, regular blog commenter and occasional influencer Tom (who really deserves a proxy vote at any meeting of the Convocation) asked the question, “Why does Luke need to be frozen in Carbonite?” The stock answer is, so the lil’ scamp won’t cause problems on his way to the Emperor. You have to imagine that a […]

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