Another Unanswered Question from Star Wars

The Clone asked the following question during one of our day-long nerd-fests.

I’m satisfied with my own reasoning, but I figured it would be worthwhile to see what everyone else thought.

He framed the question thus (I can’t get the precise quote up, so I’m going from memory).

The crux of the question, though, is one of trust, much like the Luke Skywalker question a few days ago.

Why did the Rebel Alliance trust Han enough to give him rank in their military structure?

Han goes from ne’er–do–’ell to rebel hero to a heart throb in the course of the three films. It’s a journey that I can identify with deeply, especially the heart throb part.*

* Statement true only in Eastern Europe

So let’s break this down logically in a simple Pro/Con fashion.

    1. Here are the knocks



  1. Drug smuggler
  2. Underworld Superstar
  3. Led the Empire to Yavin IV
      • (


      it was unwittingly)
  4. Wanted criminal; possibly needs to work off a debt/commute a sentence
  5. No positive proof of identity
    1. Here are the arguments



  1. Showed up at last minute to save Luke…or was it to knock Vader out of the way and save him?
      After all, he shot to Vader’s flank, when he probably could have shot him directly
  2. Princess Leia wants to make passionate Wookiee love to him

So much like my questions about Luke’s involvement and immediate acceptance, we have questions about Han’s. I want full nit-picking here, no holds barred and brutal.

Convince me Han Solo is worthy of the trust and rank he receives from the Rebel Alliance after Star Wars.