Palpatine the Art Lover

One of the most captivating characters from the Star Wars saga is Emperor Sheev Palpatine. When we, as an audience, saw his first reveal in The Empire Strikes back (in chronological release order, of course, not the chronological story order) it was intriguing. Here was this giant, creepy figure for whom Vader not only immediately […]

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Can Droids See Force Ghosts?

Netflix recently unleashed the entire run of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including the sixth and final never-before-seen season, which dominated my weekend watching habits and has doubly reinvigorated my mental pursuit of esoteric Star Wars questions on top of the recent exchanges on Words With Nerds. Often I promise these sorts of blogs will […]

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We Need Another Star Wars

I’m really on a kick about loss of innocence and the need for childlike amazement lately. I’m sure that says something about what’s going on in my head. But to be very precise about it, I’m looking forward to 2015 and what Disney does with the Star Wars franchise. This is for one very specific […]

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