Box Office Receipts

So why do we care about Box Office receipts? Despite the fact that my generation likes to pretend that it doesn’t, it most certainly does. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t see reports on what movies are making every week. It’s on news sites, it’s on fan sites, there are entire sites dedicated exclusively to comparing […]

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I Don’t Recall This

As I write this, tomorrow is the big Recall Election in Wisconsin, and frankly, there’s only one thing that I don’t “get” about it. Before Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California, I’d never really heard of a recall election. I understand the mechanics and all that, but what the Hell ever happened to just riding […]

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Calm Down, It’s Just Food

OK, so here’s a puzzler. Every so often, someone at work commits a random act of charity. They bring in bagels. Or scones. Or cookies. Or cake. Or cookie-layered scone-cakes with chocolate insulin on the side. Whatever. I sit in an office on the way to the sacrificial altar on which this sacrifice is being […]

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There is not one original thought I can offer to the Osama bin Laden death discussion. All I can do is offer my own thoughts. Plenty of other people are having them, and this discussion will continue for a while yet. But the simple fact of the matter is, he’s dead. This son of a […]

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Losing Our Ability To Write

Originally this blog was going to be about a fun exploration of what my friend Tom once called, “your oddly perfect penmanship.” Thanks for the compliment Tom! I am more than a little OCD–you may notice that my lists tend to be structured to work out as Fives, and if they don’t that means I’m […]

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How to Elect the Next President

Occasionally, I hear or read something that talks about the U.S. Constitution as “outdated” or in need of a reinterpretation. I agree that there are certain sections that need to be altered. Especially how we elect the president. We can exact these changes not through reinterpretation based on temporal whims and political appointments, but through […]

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