Happy Anniversary, Doors Movie!

“The Doors” was a film that, when I was 16, seemed like the coolest darned thing ever. Since then, I have come to realize is the shining example of everything wrong with the glorification of a counter-culture that had problems deeper than imagined.

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Doors Week: That Damned Movie

Oliver Stone is a liar, a propagandist and an artist. Wall Street is a great movie as I remember it (though I haven’t watched it in years), Platoon has some wonderful performances and moving scenes (and exposed me to one of my favorite pieces of music, Adagio for Strings) and other than that, he’s a […]

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Doors Week: The Best Purchase

After last night’s musings on the first Doors album that ever I bought (which incidentally is now in Hawk’s possession), I’m going to relate a quick story about the best Doors purchase ever I made. See, Mike and I bonded initially over a very simple question about shared Doors fandom, and the sharing of No […]

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Doors Week: Introduction

At the gentle prodding of my conscience, my good standing as a fan(atic), my honored title as pre-eminent James Douglas Morrison Scholar and The Clone’s ability to get under my skin with the occasional tweet pretending Oliver Stone’s movie biopic is anything but insane propagandistic 1960s hippie nonsense, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to […]

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