Tree of Life: A Review

The other night, I watched The Tree of Life, the “controversial” film by Terrence Malick. And by “controversial,” I mean that a fair number of critics loved it while truckloads of “real people” hated it. Fair enough. Tons of critics loved The English Patient, which I found to be torturously terrible. Critics are not always […]

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Mind-Numbing Technology

While taking up the movie challenge from Jar Jar Hater, I was unable to find two of the movies on Netflix. This was irksome, but only because I enjoy being able to stream HD movies, instead of SD movies like some savage. (First World Problem!) As mentioned before, one of the movie challenges was to […]

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How Important is It?

Lately, Agent Bun and I have gone our separate ways (again) on television watching. By “separate” I mean taking turns on the television; she goes to call up the DVR and I find something else to do. Depending on the situation, I need to get headphones on so I can escape the modulated caterwauling of […]

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Netflix: Diabolically Brilliant

For once I’m topical! So anyway, Netflix is run by a bunch of bastards. They charge less outside America, if for no other reason than “What the Heck, screw Americans because we have a low opinion of them.” Now let’s add the insult of effectively doubling the price of the service…just because they can. But […]

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