16 Years Without Mom

This is not a maudlin blog. It’s no laborious tour through conflicting emotions and a plea for online sympathy. This is a simple reflection about my mother, about whom I’ve not written in too long. I know that personal pieces like this expose some of my inner thoughts to people who don’t deserve them, but […]

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14 Years Without Mom

Today marks 14 years since my mother, Sheila, shuffled into memory. In that time I’ve wondered and complained, I’ve gnashed proverbial teeth and pondered the pain of losing her. Over time I came to peace with it, at least as much as can be, and am grateful now for the love I knew. Blunting things […]

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Hearing Her Voice

Today has been a full day and of course it is Mother’s Day. It’s easy for me to go maudlin on a day like this, as I’ve documented all too well. There are plenty of other people who don’t dig on days like this as well, and I can’t claim to have a monopoly on […]

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The Sensitive Heart

Brief one tonight because I’m still kind of reeling from something that happened last night. While putting my second kid to bed, a ritual which for both requires a minimum of 5 minutes of snuggling after getting ready for sleep, we started talking to each other. This isn’t odd in and of itself, and it […]

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