I’m Still Batman

For reasons only Jar Jar Hater will appreciate truly, this time of year brings me to a specially-reflective time as I remember certain events in recent history. One of those events is rather infamous among my circle of friends, as an off-hand comment gave birth to an entire “mythos” about which comic book character is […]

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Five Years

As has become something of an annual tradition, I’m commemorating a bizarre incident in my life, and once again I’ve hesitated to do so. This is because this is still an uncomfortable thing to write about and share. But I relive these moments every year and there were others who were there too. Most of […]

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Doors Week: The Best Purchase

After last night’s musings on the first Doors album that ever I bought (which incidentally is now in Hawk’s possession), I’m going to relate a quick story about the best Doors purchase ever I made. See, Mike and I bonded initially over a very simple question about shared Doors fandom, and the sharing of No […]

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Doors Week: Frozen In Time

Are the things of the past that we love, loved because they are of the past, or timeless? Do you love Star Wars because it’s forever tied to your idyllic thoughts of the best parts of your youth, that drown out the occasional horrors you’ve chosen to forget? I know that there are entire years […]

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