The Greatest Screen Villain Ever?

To continue the thread from yesterday’s musing on villainy–and thanks as always to those that responded–I figured it’s worth sharing my opinion on the greatest screen villain ever. To be clear, I include television in this category because I’m simply referring to screen actors. And as my love letter to the show Hannibal demonstrates, Mads […]

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Rediscovering LOST: Season 1

Spoiler-free for your enjoyment! (But I might have goofed without realizing it, so be warned). As I’ve mentioned before, I got the entire run of LOST on Blu-Ray as a birthday gift and we committed to re-watching the entire series since we now had it at our fingertips. It may have taken longer than intended, […]

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Rediscovering LOST

For my birthday, Agent Bun got me LOST: the complete series on Blu-Ray. As expected, we’ve dived in and started watching it again. LOST is one of those rare shows, like The Wire, that the two of us loved equally. Even on nights where I’ve pondered whether any jury would convict, hostilities ceased for LOST. […]

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On Pain of Torture

Well, it’s what everyone is talking about, so what the Heck. Did we get bin Laden’s location as a direct or indirect result of torture? Would you support torture if you “knew” it would lead to bin Laden’s capture or demise? Is torture justifiable in certain circumstances, even if your own moral code supposedly goes […]

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