Happy Anniversary, Doors Movie!

“The Doors” was a film that, when I was 16, seemed like the coolest darned thing ever. Since then, I have come to realize is the shining example of everything wrong with the glorification of a counter-culture that had problems deeper than imagined.

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Farewell, Ray Manzarek

An important thing needs to be noted about my feelings on Ray Manzarek. I went from teenage idolator of The Doors to adult scarily-obsessed fan (like Oliver Stone), and finally, to sober adult capable of contextualizing my fandom where it belonged.

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Doors Week: Introduction

At the gentle prodding of my conscience, my good standing as a fan(atic), my honored title as pre-eminent James Douglas Morrison Scholar and The Clone’s ability to get under my skin with the occasional tweet pretending Oliver Stone’s movie biopic is anything but insane propagandistic 1960s hippie nonsense, I’ve decided to dedicate this week to […]

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