I’m Still Batman

For reasons only Jar Jar Hater will appreciate truly, this time of year brings me to a specially-reflective time as I remember certain events in recent history. One of those events is rather infamous among my circle of friends, as an off-hand comment gave birth to an entire “mythos” about which comic book character is […]

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I Am Harvey Dent

Settle in, this is one of my intensely personal ones. A long time ago, I wrote of myself as Batman. It was a tongue-in-cheek missive based on an in vino veritas moment with Jar Jar Hater, but it’s led to a delightful ongoing joke that I enjoy beyond measure. In that first blog, I postulated: […]

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A kessel korner Imprimatur

Recently more eyes came to this blog, my twitter account (@kesseljunkie) and the bad–ass podcast known as Words With Nerds. Then I realized I’ve been so busy I’ve once more let my blog lapse. It happens. As usual, mea culpa in extremis. But since my last post, I’ve moved, traveled to Colorado to participate in […]

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