Smoother: Han or Lando?

Everyone loves to acknowledge Lando Calrissian as the Ladies Man of the Star Wars galaxy. On Words with Nerds, we even marveled at his similar smoothness to yours truly. Of course, no small part of this comes from the fact that Billy Dee Williams was marketed as the King of Smooth outside the Star Wars […]

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Tauntauns: Strangely Useless?

Spurred on still by The Boy Blunder’s recent attempts to take the stride out of my Star Wars chi, I’ve started re-listening to the Star Wars Radio Dramas. They’re amazingly compelling theatre of the mind, highlighting the best of a lost art. Even the most ardent fan will find new layers to their love of […]

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Improbable Match-Up: Katniss Everdeen v. Princess Leia (Skywalker) Organa (Solo)

Catfight! This one was suggested by Frequent Blog Lurker and Founding Member of the Convocation, Jar Jar Hater. But I will give credit where it’s due: It’s an inevitable and necessary match-up to ponder. I mean, Princess Leia blazed a trail for the Steinem crowd by cracking wise to her male superiors, so you always […]

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