The Last Movie

Recently I was asked, what is the last movie you’d request to watch? It’s a riff on the more-traditional “what would be your last meal” sort of question (short answer: Brinner), but it stopped me in my tracks.

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Mad Max: Fury Road: My Review

I’m dusting off the blog to add my own two cents to the growing fervor around Mad Max: Fury Road. Everyone has an opinion, the majority of them are positive, but ever since seeing it on opening weekend I’ve wanted to share my own. As a side note, I’ve been formulating this piece since I […]

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Hearing Her Voice

Today has been a full day and of course it is Mother’s Day. It’s easy for me to go maudlin on a day like this, as I’ve documented all too well. There are plenty of other people who don’t dig on days like this as well, and I can’t claim to have a monopoly on […]

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Happy Easter

To those of us that believe, this is the most wonderful and special day of the year. More special than Christmas, more important than any other commemoration we might enjoy annually. So nothing more profound to add to the day than, enjoy it. It’s more than candy and ham dinner. It’s the celebration of an […]

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