Where Do We Go From Here?

So that you all know who is to blame for delaying tonight’s planned super–awesome–fantastic blog and instead having me foist the following blast of self–loathing Star Wars fandom all over you, go complain at @doubleofive. He’s the one who took my brain down this road. Act I: Back Story @kesseljunkie My thought also. I’m terrified […]

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Contracting the Expanded Universe

On the third episode of Words With Nerds, Craig and I explored the concept of the Expanded Universe (a.k.a. “EU”). For those not initiate, the big nerd debate is whether a series of published franchise stories constitute “canon” occurrences. “Canon” is in this sense a borrowed term from religion, indicating a work outside the primary […]

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The EU Is Not Authoritative (and Flashback Blog: It’s Likely That Mr. Lucas Doesn’t Know)

Recently on The Twitter, a conversation along these lines came up again. Perhaps I jumped in because I was in the process of migrating a lot of these into draft format; I was up late doing so when I saw something that I knew to be incorrect regarding how much the prequels were supposedly shaped […]

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Why I Love The Clone Wars

I love the TV show The Clone Wars. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to anyone. However, it goes beyond the obligatory Star Wars fandom and mind-set. Heck, I know people who weren’t ever die–hard Star Wars fans who have nonetheless picked up on the show because it’s got real quality writing behind it. […]

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