Death Star Death Match

I was thinking recently about the Death Star projects in Star Wars and an implication that we’ve all missed through the years. I’ve written about the Death Stars before, including which one was cooler (Death Star II by a mile), how Vader was supposed to be using the Death Star as his tool for Ascendancy […]

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Admiral Piett: Incompetent Boob

In Admiral Ozzel’s Death: The Key the the Empire Losing Hoth, I offered that he would have led a more successful attack on the Rebel Base. I touched as well on Piett’s promotion to Admiral and postulated this: Further, this promotion is most likely what cost the Empire the space battle over Endor. Probably, Admiral […]

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Was V’Ger a Borg?

Recently on Twitter, @TheNeedsOfMany brought to light that according to the “Shatnerverse,” everyone’s favorite octogenarian ham has put out into Star Trek lore that the Borg were actually responsible for V’Ger. If you don’t recall V’Ger, it was the somewhat lame recycled plot device from The Changeling the antagonist from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. […]

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