In the Internet Age, there is no past. There is only the present. There is no escape from who you were, no matter how you may have changed. I won’t labor too long on this point, as it’s just something that’s been on the mind lately. It makes me wonder about all of us who are […]

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Did Darth Vader Need to Eat?

I’ve often wondered if Darth Vader needed to eat. After all, he “couldn’t” take off his mask–even though he did in The Empire Strikes Back. He was in a trance and/or stronger in the Dark Side at the time (going by the text of the films) or was in a specialized environment (per EU), but […]

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Princess Leia: Mass Murderess?

In honor of May 4th, I’m going to go with a Star Wars blog. My hope is that some random Star Wars fan will read this and spin themselves up trying to argue it in some way. It is spurred primarily by a recent conversation with a coworker wherein I detailed how Princess Leia only […]

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Empire’s Hopeful End

This blog is dedicated to Jar Jar Hater, because it was during one of our conversations that it came up. See, we were discussing films and if I remember correctly, I (rightfully) cited Godfather Part II as a superior film that was not just satisfyingly executed, it was emotionally impacting. Hater ran with that thought […]

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