Smoother: Han or Lando?

Everyone loves to acknowledge Lando Calrissian as the Ladies Man of the Star Wars galaxy. On Words with Nerds, we even marveled at his similar smoothness to yours truly. Of course, no small part of this comes from the fact that Billy Dee Williams was marketed as the King of Smooth outside the Star Wars […]

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The Power of Villainy

As I’ve discussed on Words With Nerds, I’ve been acquainting myself with James Bond lately as I missed the bulk of those films growing up. I was never particularly drawn to the films as the ones I had seen were decidedly uneven, but at the prompting of a friend took up the challenge of seeing […]

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Admiral Ozzel’s Death: The Key to the Empire Losing Hoth

Pursuant to yesterday’s challenge, here’s my answer. I’m writing this blind without seeing anyone else’s attempts at answering, though I’m sure everyone who wanted took a good crack at things. First Things Just a quick re-establishment that I consider the Imperials to have bungled the Hoth attack, primarily because Veers fell for a diversionary tactic […]

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Did Darth Vader Need to Eat?

I’ve often wondered if Darth Vader needed to eat. After all, he “couldn’t” take off his mask–even though he did in The Empire Strikes Back. He was in a trance and/or stronger in the Dark Side at the time (going by the text of the films) or was in a specialized environment (per EU), but […]

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In Defense of Uncle Owen

Owen Lars. We speak about him in the latest episode of Words With Nerds; and this is a blog that I’ve wanted to write for a little while yet. Before Luke gets to see the world at large, Owen Lars is his great obstacle. The last rampart to block his visions of the future, Owen […]

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