Cloud City Insurance

I’ve done a number of risky things in my life, and I’ve done one a few times that required what is affectionately known as a “Death Waiver.”

So I was thinking about Cloud City, the famous city in the clouds from The Empire Strikes Back.

Did you have to sign an insurance/death waiver/indemnification document to walk around there? When you were landing, did you have to transmit verbal recognition of the dangers of strolling around a metropolis suspended by Tibanna Gas and a little bit of hope?

Imagine the lawsuits they’re worried about given the winds, drafts, and other weather phenomena? What if a being with poor eyesight goes wandering around the promenade? Were the Cloud Cars actually part of an anti-suicide task force?

Further, what if there was some sort of thunder storm? I mean, we have to assume Cloud City is in some sort of geosynchronous orbit. But could it move out of the way of a storm?

And if it did move, wouldn’t that cause a huge lurching action as people were sitting down to dinner? I imagine the emergency order to dodge a storm made everyone look like they were re-enacting a bridge scene from that other venerable franchise, Star Trek.

I’m interested in opinions. Do you think signing such a document was necessary? Could Cloud City move? Have I finally gone nuts?

Another Unanswered Question from The Empire Strikes Back

Pursuant to the resurrection of the entire series, the next film to enjoy some scrutiny is the venerable, must-never-be-questioned-as-the-best Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back.

Once again, I know that this is dangerous territory in which to be. After all, we know that the Lord Himself came down from Heaven to give us this most perfect of films, and the wisdom of a muppet.

So here it is. Another of my big unanswered questions from The Empire Strikes Back.

Why Not Kill Everyone Once Luke was At Cloud City?

Seriously, once Luke was at Cloud City, Vader’s big goal was accomplished. What was the point of taking the princess, Chewie and Threepio back to his ship? Han is frozen, the token extra gets his line delivered, and they know Luke is there.

Just drop them right then and there. Instead of this elaborate, incompletely-explained chase to make Luke go up the wrong elevator, kill them all and have Luke follow the frozen Han to the unfathomably-complex fake…room? Closet? …However the Heck Luke got to the carbon freezing chamber.

The group of people you’re using as bait have an annoying habit of escaping and screwing up your plans. Just kill them.

There are a million possible explanations outside the obvious “for dramatic effect” explanation, but I want to see what ideas float to the top of the dream pool here.

Do You Accept This Challenge?