The Immutable Impermanence of Character Trivia: The Corollary Argument to The Perpetual Reboot Theory

This is a counterpoint to the idea that Craig contended that what was once true for a comic book character is what was always true, until it is specifically contradicted.

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The Perpetual Reboot

Some time ago, Kevin Smith offered the insight that comic books are the “perpetual second act.” Since Smith carries so much “cred” within the nerd community, his theory was heartily embraced and advanced in blogs and articles. (One could argue that I am speaking redundantly here since there is no real difference between blogs and articles anymore, and […]

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Truthers Can Go Suck It

I was actually prepping my annual post to honor the memory of 9/11 victims and reminisce on how quickly life moves (and can be taken) and was writing down notes in my book about the fact that 11 years ago I was working a terrible dead–end retail job while still in the first year of […]

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I Am Batman

Settle Down, I’m Just Making a Point This is a blog inspired by yet another conversation I had with fellow Convocation member Jar Jar Hater (an endless fount of countervailance). Without going into details, because those are usually just starting points for discussions that leave people dumbfounded by my opinions (not always in a good […]

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The Batman Blogs: Coda

I’m wrapping up this series with a slightly more personal look at things, because that’s how I am. I think I’d disappoint everyone, myself included, if I didn’t. It’s not going to be too long, I swear. I’ll also fold in the key character to whom I’ve not given enough attention, Alfred. It’s just going […]

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The Batman Blogs: The Car

When you hear the name “Batman,” perhaps the first thing you think of before Gotham, The Joker or killing off Robin is the Batmobile. The one and only stock car of heroism. Superman may be able to fly, but he’s never had a rad car like the Batmobile. Much like the average male, Batman makes […]

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The Batman Blogs: 1966 – 1968

I didn’t intend to acknowledge, much less address, the “classic” 1960s TV show starring Adam West as part of this series. To be honest, I’m much more a fan of Mr. West’s later work. However, a commenter called me on it correctly when I examined Batman’s evolution. If I’m going to talk about Batman as […]

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The Batman Blogs: The City

And now we turn our eye on the most critical design element of any Batman story. Gotham City. If anything, the Gotham City you get is the biggest indicator of what you can expect from any iteration of Batman. Dark and Brooding Gotham begets Dark and Brooding Batman, Garish Gotham begets Campy Batman, Rea–World Gotham […]

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