My Favorite Onscreen Batman Suit

With the upcoming reimagining of the iconic character for The Batman, we’re going to be treated to yet another interpretation of his trademark suit. Starting in the comics as a simple-yet-effective gray-and-black outfit, Batman’s outifit has had quite a number of reinterpretations. Most of them amount to variations on a theme, but as the line […]

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Returning to Batman Returns

For no discernible reason, I decided to revisit Batman Returns, the 1992 sequel to the beloved Batman of 1989. For once I rewatched something that wasn’t from 1994, and therefore not in the mission statement for RetroPerspective on The Nerd Party. This is a movie that I’ve had a conflicted relationship with since its release. […]

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Batman + Sweat = Batsweat

This post is inspired by a conversation with none other than @TheInsaneRobin. He insisted that my recent post about Sybok from Star Trek preventing Thanos’ mass murdering impulses in Avengers: Infinity War was the nerdiest I’ve ever written, so I want to try to pick up that vibe again. I mean, I’d offer that my […]

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