The Last Movie

Recently I was asked, what is the last movie you’d request to watch? It’s a riff on the more-traditional “what would be your last meal” sort of question (short answer: Brinner), but it stopped me in my tracks.

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I’m Still Batman

For reasons only Jar Jar Hater will appreciate truly, this time of year brings me to a specially-reflective time as I remember certain events in recent history. One of those events is rather infamous among my circle of friends, as an off-hand comment gave birth to an entire “mythos” about which comic book character is […]

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The LEGO Movie: My Reaction

Today I had the good fortune to have some time where I could go see a movie with my youngest daughter. Also, after checking work e-mail after being out Friday, I had to go somewhere relatively unreachable that would shut my brain down so that the mounting aneurysm/anxiety attack would be averted. She wanted to […]

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My Gift To You

Some days you just don’t have enough words, and you have to recognize that whatever you would write would fall far short of what you’d want to say. Even if most of the time you’re just rambling about funny implausibilities in films. So my gift to you is a work-in-progress using the Paper app by […]

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