Blog Wars Trek Stars

First and foremost, let me disclaim that I was planning to write about something completely different today. As you can tell lately, I’ve been in my well-known annual Springtime Assault of Awesome Blogs and I like to think about things for a good few days (even months) before committing them to these esteemed virtual pages. […]

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The Shameful List

This blog was inspired by Doppelganger/The Clone; it was a good discussion, and we had it a while back, but unfortunately we didn’t get The Korean’s thoughts on the topic because he’s still sending messages via carrier pigeon instead of The Twitter. We’d had the “Top Five Movies” discussion one night, so the day following […]

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The Batman Blogs: The Car

When you hear the name "Batman," perhaps the first thing you think of before Gotham, The Joker or killing off Robin is the Batmobile. The one and only stock car of heroism. Superman may be able to fly, but he’s never had a rad car like the Batmobile. Much like the average male, Batman makes […]

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The Batman Blogs: The City

And now we turn our eye on the most critical design element of any Batman story. Gotham City. If anything, the Gotham City you get is the biggest indicator of what you can expect from any iteration of Batman. Dark and Brooding Gotham begets Dark and Brooding Batman, Garish Gotham begets Campy Batman, Rea–World Gotham […]

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The Batman Blogs: The Villains

Is there anything better than a great villain? Batman has had his share of terrific villains. Anticipating a certain commenter’s video reply, Egg Head does not count in that list and never will. I’m a reasonable man, but I’m not budging on that. Batman’s villains are reflections back on the main character, showing what he […]

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The Batman Blogs: Introduction

Not too long ago, I blogged about reboots. Naturally, Batman came up in the course of conversation; I’m pretty sure that the first time I heard the term “reboot” was in conjunction with Christopher Nolan’s reinvention of the character’s life on screen. Now, everyone knows how much I loved Batman Begins and even moreso The […]

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