The Last Movie

Recently I was asked, what is the last movie you’d request to watch? It’s a riff on the more-traditional “what would be your last meal” sort of question (short answer: Brinner), but it stopped me in my tracks.

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Thoughts of Kings Dominion

I wrote a some musings while ago after a trip to Hershey Park, and today I went to Kings Dominion for a fun excursion with Agent Bun. This of course gave me reasons to ponder a little bit more about a slice of American life that I hold close to my heart: the amusement park. […]

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Five Years

As has become something of an annual tradition, I’m commemorating a bizarre incident in my life, and once again I’ve hesitated to do so. This is because this is still an uncomfortable thing to write about and share. But I relive these moments every year and there were others who were there too. Most of […]

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A Star Wars Bibliography

So recently Agent Bun told me I needed to get back to my wheel–house on this thing, so score one for Women’s Lib. I listened. Yesterday I asked the equivalent of a Deep Thoughts question on Star Wars, so today I’m dusting off and re–purposing something I started working a couple weeks ago but didn’t […]

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It’s Not Arrogance

Sitting down to dinner recently with Korean Cigarette Smoking Moriarty Man (KCSMM), he leveled a rather harsh claim against me that he’s leveled before when we’ve had disagreements. He called me “arrogant.” To put it in context, KCSMM leveled this claim because, after enlisting a complete stranger at another table to try to get me […]

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