The First Jedi

Just a random thought that hit me as I celebrated Easter this year.

Obviously, Christianity starts with not just an idea but a specific event centered around a being. Who that being was/is/might be as it relates to your own worldview is not really relevant to this random thought pixelated into blog form. (For a hint where I stand, note again that I celebrate Easter.)

Now stay with me.

As I drove the long way home, the thought came to me about what great story potential there is within Star Wars lore to discover and explore “The First Jedi.” There must have been a person around whom the beliefs first coalesced.

I began to relate it all to the life story of Jesus and the events that are the basis of Easter celebrations and, as my mind continued to wander through the miles, I realized I’ve always wanted to know about the specific, singular flashpoint.

What were the reasons this teaching, this belief, would have taken such root as to shape the history of things? What was different about it, and who was the first to give it a reason to be?

I realize we had comics covering the ancient history of the Jedi and Sith in the 1990s which were quite enjoyable. (Exar Kun, here’s looking at your double-bladed lightsaber that predated Darth Maul’s.) But we’ve not gotten an onscreen, in-depth exploration of how the Jedi Way truly started and came to be such a major factor in galactic affairs.

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Someone who espoused the first teachings of what would become The Jedi Way would make for a fascinating movie or series. They wouldn’t even need to have a lightsaber, and they’d definitely exist in a more restrictive era for that galaxy far, far away as it relates to space travel.

In fact, you could have it happen that a more ably-spacefaring race finds a group of “nascent Jedi” and, in an effort to be thoughtful, offers passage. This becomes the wind that blows the seed of an idea out into the cosmos to develop into the space opera we love.

But these “nascent Jedi” would have been devotees of The First Jedi, and committed to spreading his/her words to the galaxy at large. What a fascinating story you could construct with obvious allegory and offering discussion points for society and the role of religious values as they relate to it, something Star Wars has done quite well with over time.

It could be really interesting.

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