Thanos Was An Idiot

That’s right, I’m going to say what no one else will. Thanos was an idiot.

I’m setting aside his idiocy as demonstrated in the comics, which was duly ignored by the Disney®©™’s Marvel™©® Connected Universe MCU movie continuity. I’m talking strictly about his actions and outlook in the MCU movies.

As everyone in the world seems to know, Thanos gathered the Infinity Stones (aka Soul Gems, Infinity Gems, Shiny Plot Device Rocks, Magic Movie Jewels, Whatever) so that he could fulfill his goal of murdering half the universe so that it could buy the smallest amount of time for those remaining to live comfortable lives.

(Apparently, the idea that population multiplies at an exponential rate as opposed to a linear one escaped this specific math genius, but nobody’s perfect.)

Thanos was, for all intents and purposes, a god in the MCU. (More on that in an upcoming blog I’ve been promising for a long time, but feel obliged to write.) He had power over reality, souls, life, death…you name it. He demonstrated he didn’t even need all of the Infinity Stones/Gems in order to bend reality and its perception. Sure, it made other aspects of his quest moot but…anyway.

He’s mad that resources aren’t as plentiful as they should be. He’s supposedly motivated by the idea that he can solve the problems of privation by removing those who live with want. So he takes it upon himself to kill precisely 50% of all life in existence.

This is why Thanos is an idiot in this context.

He has the power to solve the Universe’s problems and his choice is to kill half the universe. His solution is not to create a reality where resources never become an issue.

He has the power to save everyone and instead chooses to kill. He must be an idiot because the only other option is that he fell into the same immoral trap that so many humans do. He believed that anyone who didn’t live with the same standard of comfort he had was Lebensunwertes Leben.

Wanting to be a god makes you a madman. Failing to see that you can solve a problem without killing half the universe makes you an idiot.

Thanos was an idiot.

Thanos Infinity War Endgame
He probably sang a certain song by the Violent Femmes an awful lot.