Modern Video Games Suck

I’m speaking from a place of frustration here. And I’ll be brief.

Modern video games suck.

The graphics may be incredible. The live-time processor speeds used to create the game experience may be mind-boggling. The level of story and detail may outstrip most modern films. The sound design may be adequate.

But still they suck. Why, you ask?

They suck because they’re too hard. They’re designed for the kids and quasi-adults who can dedicate hours at a time to games with long story threads and nigh-unstoppable foes. Gone are the games you could play as a fun distraction and move on. Now you have to invest the right amount of power ups, guess the correct amplification cycle of the boss as it gets into trouble, and then stay committed to a 10-minute long strategy to defeat just one major opponent.

It’s a drag.

This isn’t whining about games being tough, either. There were plenty of difficult games in the past. It’s just that even if you failed, they were built so that you could easily jump back into the flow of things and get back there.

It didn’t take significant sections of a day to dedicate to ignoring your obligations. I’ve played a slew of difficult games, but never have I encountered before this point a game that seemed so dedicated not to fun but just to being as impossible as it could.

So yeah, call me an old timer. Say I’m waxing nostalgic. But video games used to be about having a fast and good time, not playing at the expense of all other life experiences.

I’m sure people above a certain age are nodding in agreement. I’m sure the scarf-wearing latte generation is chuckling and watching another YouTube play-through of a game that they can’t figure how to beat themselves.

I’m right either way.

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