#Inktober Drawing: “Music” + Word Association


For Day 27 of #Inktober2020, we got the cue word, “Music.” #Inktober

One of my favorite books is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I read it at least biennially. I adore adore its prose, and Stoker’s ability to build character and moment. He paints pictures that are beyond compare.

Dracula himself has never quite been captured onscreen in the right way. He is supposed to look old, with a great mustache and pronounced nose, almost wolflike in his appearance. This is of course because he is a reflection of the baser, less human aspects of the world. In a sense, what undoes Harker and the rest of his world is his stodgy British politeness.

I suppose it was an early lesson for me in the double edged sword of politeness. We don’t want to offend and we’re encouraged to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. But if Harker had simply looked at the Count and said, “Oh hell no,” or or even listened to the townsfolk who tried to warn him, none of the tragedy happens.

But Count Dracula uses these manners and this legal system to invade and corrupt, and destroy. It’s a worthwhile lesson in how the rules of the system can be everyone’s downfall if someone evil and corrupt knows how to “play the game.”

I also love the novel because Stoker works in some stellar Catholic ideas and ideals into the book, so much like Tolkien there are certain moments where those of us raised in the faith “get the reference” on a deeper level than others who might not. Those sorts of things are always fun.

The other idea I had was just to draw Jim Morrison. Which I’ve done many times, but hey…we’re almost at Halloween. Count Dracula just feels more appropriate.

The usual disclaimer applies as always. If you like it, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s OK too. I’m just trying to stay in the habit of sharing things.

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