#Inktober Drawing: “Buddy” + A Note on Meaning


For Day 25 of #Inktober2020, we got the cue word, “Buddy.” #Inktober

“Buddy” led me to a moment that I think is universal, or at least I hope is, that there is a “buddy” who can cheer you up in a tough moment. I know I went on about story in the last picture post, but this one I think has the obvious element of someone comforting someone else who just had a hard day at work.

Was he fired? Did he just lose the promotion? That’s the question. But whatever it is, he’s been there long enough to loosen his tie and drink and eat part of a hot dog. His buddy came to see him in this moment and didn’t even take off his jacket. He sat down, put his arm around him, and started making him feel better.

Maybe, just maybe, in this moment he’s also asking if he can have the hot dog his buddy hasn’t bitten.

In case anyone is wondering, “Buddy” is one rung lower on the ladder than “Pal.” You can love and trust a buddy, but they won’t necessarily be a part of your sacred circle. It’s good to have buddies, though. They can have your back and offer solace when your pal is off drinking the blood of the innocents.

For the record, I’m not nuts about how this turned out. The pens I have don’t offer the nuance I’d have liked to bake into this piece, and I bet that if I’d committed to pencil it would have turned out better. Or maybe I just need to expand my arsenal of pens.

I don’t hate how it turned out, I just think it could’ve gone better. C’est la vie.

The usual disclaimer applies as always. If you like it, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s OK too. I’m just trying to stay in the habit of sharing things.

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