#Inktober Drawing: “Sleep” + A Note on Insomnia


For Day 21 of #Inktober2020, we got the cue word, “Sleep.” #Inktober

Well, I don’t know how anyone would have expected this to go, given what other cue words have prompted from me this year. I just knew it couldn’t be as straightforward as sleep. That’s boring.

I was tempted to go with Freddy Kreuger, but much like drawing Admiral Ackbar for “trap” it would’ve been too expected. I like to pick a unique lane.

And so we have something titled, “The Moment Before the Scream.” The axe murderer (using one that looks like a D&D prop because he obviously was influenced by the game) is in the room, and the woman has just awoken.

Her sleep is disturbed! There’s a killer in the room!

It’s alright, though. I know something the killer doesn’t. She sleeps with a gun under the pillow.

And as I share this with you I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. I’m an insomniac on a good day, and I’ve been having a string of stressful ones. I’m going to wear out the machine soon if I don’t catch some rest.

I need to drink some calming tea, or say some prayers, or meditate in nature.

Or I could do the one thing that works every time. You know what I need to watch. It’s time to rediscover why Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain.

That’s correct. I took us from a drawing depicting an axe killer about to get shot by the woman he’s going to attack, to a joke about Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Like Whitman said, I contain multitudes.

The usual disclaimer applies as always. If you like it, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s OK too. I’m just trying to stay in the habit of sharing things.

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