#Inktober Drawing: “Coral” + The Therapy of Drawing


For Day 20 of #Inktober2020, we got the cue word, “Coral.” #Inktober

I guess I am slightly demented, as the first thought I had was about turning a serene ocean encounter into an impending moment of doom. But the eldest padawan showed a demented streak as well. I always knew this would involve a creature or monster hidden in the coral – let’s face it, coral is kinda boring – but the padawan suggested that the monster be at least partly made of coral itself.

It works as a fun concept.

It was also therapeutic to do this drawing. I had an absolute garbage experience of a day, to the point where I was ready to turn to cartoonish supervillainy and block out the sun. Drawing is definitely therapy for those sorts of days, which never seem to end.

It allows you to center yourself and freeze out the world. It’s like meditation, and you can work out all your thoughts. While today was a garbage day, my garbage days are better than the best days that some people have had. It’s good to have a moment where you can think it through and remember that.

Here I am, with enough free time to doodle out a sick concept of the coral being a monster in and of itself. Here I am, chuckling at the diver about to become a bloody cloud.

Life could be worse. I could be the diver.

The usual disclaimer applies as always. If you like it, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s OK too. I’m just trying to stay in the habit of sharing things.

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