#Inktober Drawing: “Trap”…and Note About Jokes


Day 18’s cue word for #Inktober2020 is “Trap.” #Inktober

This finds Indiana Jones falling through a trap as he approaches an ancient altar. I had started roughing out a version of this from the other angle where you saw his hands and arms above the hole in the floor, but it wasn’t as dynamic as I wanted.

So I decided to show an alternate angle as he plummeted into the pit. What awaits him? How far is it? Well, having watched Indiana Jones movies my whole life, I can assure you: It’ll be something like water so he survives, and not far enough to kill him.

Where’s the fun in your hero dying, anyway?

Of course, being a lifelong Star Wars fan, I know in my heart already that many people drew Admiral Ackbar today. How do I know? Because it’s one of the go-to references for anyone with a passing Star Wars fandom.

It was funny for awhile. I’ve made the joke many times. I still make it occasionally as a gag, because it’s like a Chicken Crossed the Road joke. I just wish it wasn’t so expected.

When jokes get repeated and recycled so many times that they pass the level of “meme” and instead become “reflex,” you have to wonder how we ever made new jokes in the first place. Did people grunt the same “But the saber toothed tiger was in the cave” punchline in the Savage Land for hundreds of years?

I have to wonder. I just know that the Admiral Ackbar trap joke is so ingrained as a reflex that it did pop into my head as the first thing when I saw the cue word. Then I consciously suppressed the urge to draw him.

You should be used to the disclaimer by now: If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to put it out there for the sake of putting it out there. I still need new pens.

If you want to learn about Inktober, here’s the site: Inktober.com.