#Inktober Drawing: “Rocket” Which Went in an Expected Direction


Day 16’s cue word for #Inktober2020 is “Rocket.” #Inktober

I hit a couple of concepts with this, sketching one in pen during a call and then making a variation, before coming to this one. I have a weakness for Superman ones, what can I say?

Part of it is that the “disdain” for Superman with modern audiences is baffling to me. I even have a pal who tries to dismiss him as some dumb hick. It’s just amazing to me that anyone could be so dismissive of the character.

Tarantino didn’t do Superman fans any favors with Kill Bill Volume 2. (Or Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair if you want to get pedantic.) He popularized the cynical interpretations of Superman with a memorable speech that some claim was plagiarized from Internet sources.

What can you do?

I think the push back against Superman is a reflection of our times. In the 1970s, people had reason to be cynical. They endured Studio 54, hippies, and even the Carter administration. But Superman was brought to screen as a reminder that it was OK to cheer for pure heroes.

Superman is a reminder that we might never be perfect, but that’s not an excuse to stop trying. It’s why heroes like him are so important. We should be aspiring to perfection even if we can never achieve it.

Anyhow, the usual disclaimer: If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to put it out there for the sake of putting it out there. I still need new pens.

If you want to learn about Inktober, here’s the site: Inktober.com.