Can a Swimming Pool Save a Vampire?

This post is in the spirit of Shocktober, and was a random thought I had while relabeling some pipes that had been bleached, yet again, by the sun. When you realize that even “Extreme UV resistant markers” last a healthy three months because the sunlight is so strong where you live, occasionally you think about vampires.

Just me? OK, then.

Anyway, depending on the tradition of vampire lore to which you subscribe, vampires burst into flame and/or explode in sunlight. This isn’t the case in Bram Stoker’s original Dracula novel, but it always made for dramatic moviemaking. If you create a sexy super villain who’s nigh unstoppable, he’s got to have his own Kryptonite.

We’ve migrated away from sunlight being a cure-all for vampires, but most people still have sunlight locked in their brains as a way to kill them. So let’s take that as our baseline.

My question is whether water could counteract the effects of sunlight on a vampire. Not deep water where no light exists, but something as deep as your average backyard in-ground swimming pool.

The sunlight still penetrates the water so technically a vampire should burn still. However, water extinguishes fire. So would it save the vampire from bursting into flames?

I could see it being uncomfortable at a minimum, but the vampire should be kept from completely incinerating in the cleansing light. It wouldn’t work if the reaction is like phosphorous pentachloride hitting water, of course, and instead the vampire would just be in for a horrifically drawn out and even more painful death.

We’re in uncharted territory I guess.

It’s just what I wondered while labeling outdoor piping bleached again by the sun.