#Inktober Drawing: “Slippery” + Thoughts on Fear


Day 11 of #Inktober2020 brings the cue word “Slippery.” #Inktober.

Several thoughts went through my head at once when I saw “slippery” as the cue word. I thought of ice and of a man on a bloody slaughterhouse floor.

Then I thought, “Is there anyone more slippery than the Creature from the Black Lagoon? So I did my own take on the scaly menace.

I haven’t seen a Creature from the Black Lagoon movie in so many years I can’t count them. It’s a faint remembrance at best. It seems to be the one

I remember when I was a kid there was a 3D showing on TV of Revenge of the Creature and you had to get those red and blue special glasses from 7-11 or some such. It didn’t work well, as I recall. But it was an excuse to hang out with my friend so that was fine. Pretty sure we had a sleepover.

But of all the monsters, Creature from the Black Lagoon always seemed the most sympathetic to me as a kid. I mean, the poor thing was just being an animal. It’s like King Kong. Why would you expect it to behave like some civilized being? It’s like expecting an alligator to have good table manners.

But I think I understand the people in those horror movies better now. It’s all about control. People respond to fear by trying to control what is beyond their control, or to convince themselves they can “destroy” or “defeat” it. The natural world itself will cause them to flip out.

People freak out and then attempt to control that which cannot be controlled, or eradicate it. People should be afraid only of losing their capacity for reason due to a panicked reaction. (Well, that and flying in an airplane.)

I played around with color again this time, and think I got more ambitious than my tool set warranted. Ah well. I think it turned out OK regardless. I cheated a little with colored pencils for the water and the damsel, but it’s really just pen.

The image got a little distorted in the picture on the lower corner because I just should’ve placed the “damsel” on the right since the drawing book bends like that at the spine. Ah well, note for next time.

Anyhow, the usual disclaimer continues: If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to put it out there for the sake of putting it out there. I think I’m sticking with black and white next time. Still need to save up for a more expansive assortment of pens, though.

If you want to learn about Inktober, here’s the site: Inktober.com.