#Inktober Drawing: “Hope”


Day 10 of #Inktober2020 brings the cue word “Hope.” #Inktober.

I’ve not always been the man of faith I am today – it’s been a weird road to get where I am – but it is the single greatest source of hope there is. The hope that no matter your past, you can redeem yourself.

There was one winter where I spent a lot of time walking alone on The Mall in Washington, D.C. at night. Winter was my favorite time to do it. I’d put on headphones and just look around at stuff.

I remember one night seeing a plane make its turn to come into National Airport and my first fearful thought was about 9/11. It was irrational – the flight pattern was exactly what so many of us knew to be one of the correct landing pattern options. But for quite a few years after 9/11, even the ordinary flight paths seemed jarring.

Anyway, I did a lot of thinking on those walks among the secular monuments. The winter always took me more on a philosophical bend though. I didn’t find my faith in those moments, but I believe now that I was hearing something but just not listening to it.

The quiet moments are when we can hear that still, small voice. It’s why the modern world is such an enemy of introspection; you need quiet and calm to perform it. It’s why the modern world is such an enemy of redemption; it requires grace to allow it.

Many years later, after many mistakes and other events that tested my heart and my beliefs, I was faced with a choice I didn’t want to make. I laid it all on the line, and I asked for help. I got an answer, and it changed everything. The hard work of putting it all into place was still to come, but I received the word that it was what had to be done.

I aged a lifetime. I wound up enduring. I made choices that, had you asked me beforehand, I’d never have thought I could. And where I am now is all because I found my hope in my faith.

Some people recoil when I talk about things like this. They shrug things off. They explain it away in some manner that makes them more comfortable. That’s fine. All I can say is, I know things firsthand that I can never forget.

I didn’t come to my faith through reflex, and I didn’t retain it through fear. I found and accepted it through trial and thought. It’s my hope that somehow, I can be an example to those around me.

Anyhow, the disclaimer about any drawing remains: If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to put it out there for the sake of putting it out there. I do think I need to expand my arsenal of pens, though.

If you want to learn about Inktober, here’s the site: Inktober.com.

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