#Inktober Drawing: “Blade”


And so on day 5 of #Inktober, we see the continuing resonance of the design for Blade, Wesley Snipes’ comic book movie that saved comic book movies. This is for the fifth prompt of #Inktober2020, “Blade.”

The young’uns might not remember, but there was a time that comic book movies weren’t regarded as anything but niche. After Batman in 1989, things took a quick turn for the worse. Dick Tracy happened, Batman Returns horrified families, and then we quickly slid down a dayglo self-aware rabbit hole that contained The Phantom and Tank Girl, among others.

So when Wesley Snipes’ Blade, costarring Stephen Dorff and Kris Kristofferson, showed up in 1998, it was a definitive statement that comic book movies could remain dark and adult-oriented while indulging the strong action vibe. It’s a really good movie and it really holds up all these years later.

And on recent rewatch of some favorite scenes, I figured out why it made so much sense. Blade was essentially Black Batman. The writer, David Goyer, is essentially a Batman obsessive (a great trait to have). Everything that makes a dark-but-fun Batman movie is woven into every minute of Blade.

Then the whole vampire thing gets added in, along with the nostalgic tie to the character as he appeared in Marvel Comics. Blade is, as a result, a movie whose whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. So it made sense for the cue word “blade” to take me here.

The disclaimer remains: If you like it, great. If you don’t, that’s fine too. I’m just trying to put it out there for the sake of putting it out there.

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